An de Eck steiht´n Jung mit´n Tüdelband 1995
Transcription in the former Jewish Quarter of Altona by Arne Gleiss and Jens Huckeriede

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As an unusual form of commemoration Arne Gleiss and Jens Huckeriede wrote the words of Hamburg´s secret anthem on the pavements around the former Jewish quarter in Hamburg-Altona. At those places where in past Jewish buildings had been located, they made a specific comment such as "synagogue". Passengers should stumble upon these letters and start to think about the meaning, maybe understand and maybe walk on not getting the sense.

Installation Wohlersallee No. 58 (1995)
by Jens Huckeriede

Wohlersallee was a centre of Jewish life for the community in Altona. The Jewish community was destroyed, their property "aryanized" and the remembrance on it is covered from dust in books of former life.

Jens Huckeriede´s performance should remind to the history of this house, which accommodated public services for the Jewish community such as bibliotheca, language courses and public bathrooms. Further more there was a medical care centre for children and a kindergarten, which has also been visited by children which came after school to have their meals and could stay until the evening.

In 1996 again a kindergarten was opened in this house.

The installation takes place during darkness as slides are projected on the windows of the first floor. The spectators are standing or sitting in front of the house, in the garden, on the pavement or in the street. Actors and singers are standing behind canvas and only to be seen as shadows. The middle windows shows a video and slides are projected on the wall from the opposite side of the street.

Schatten (Shadows)
Installation at the Altonaer Museum (May - September 1998) by Jens Huckeriede

The concept for the installation "Schatten" (more pictures) was created in 1995 after "Transcription". In both projects the popular song "An de Eck steiht´n Jung mit´n Tüdelband" is the central point for new forms of commemoration.

In a video installation scenes from the film "Beth Hachajim - Haus des Lebens" are to be seen on screens. It´s a film about the construction of a new building on the ground of the former Jewish cemetery in Ottensen and the demonstration of orthodox Jews against this construction.

In another room announcements of performances by the "Gebrüder Wolf" are shown on an advertisement pillar.

Transmission II (September 2003)
Cycle of commemoration by Jens Huckeriede

Forms of commemoration are a continues process to remember a lost culture.

Transmission also took place as a reading in front of Wohlersallee 58, the former house of the Jewish community in Altona. Actors and musicians were reading lyrics from Heimrad Bäcker, an Austrian writer, singing and extemporizing. Dan Wolf also took part in this performance with lyrics from his theatre play "Stateless".

During 1941/1942 19 Jewish citizens from Hamburg were taken this house and had been deported from there to the concentration camps of Lodz, Minsk, Theresienstadt and Auschwitz. Among them Dan´s great granduncle James Wolf (Wolf-Trio) as well as his wife Paula and his sister Helene. James was murdered in Theresienstadt in 1943.

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