"Gebrüder Wolf - An de Eck steiht´n Jung mit´n Tüdelband"
A photo exhibition about the life story of the entertainers and revue stars from 1895 to 1953.

The photo exhibition shows the ascent of Ludwig and Ludwig Wolf (Isaac) as popular singers, actors, businessmen and composers of contemporary hits during 1895 and 1933. The most famous traditional song in Hamburg still in mind nowadays goes back to Ludwig Wolf. Dressed in the outfit of harbour workers, they celebrated their biggest successes with couplets and gags. Their German breakthrough in 1911 was soon followed by an international career. During the twenties their songs were published by almost every record label in Germany. The persecution of the Isaac family began in 1933 even though they had been living in Hamburg since the 18th century.

A German Jewish fate that deals with occupational bans, emigration, murder in concentration camps, flight and in some cases survival in Hamburg. The era of the "Gebrüder Wolf" comes to an end during the exile in Shanghai and later in New York. California becomes their new home and Dan Wolf, born in 1975 continues the artistic tradition of his ancestors. He works as an actor, author and Hip-Hop musician with the band "Felonious".

His first visit to Hamburg St.Pauli took place in November 2000; he performed with his band at the Grosse Freiheit. He wins back the songs of his ancestors. In the meantime Dan comes to Hamburg quite often and has started to learn the language of his forefathers.

The exhibition was first presented in the Hamburg Town Hall and will be shown in Tel Aviv/Israel at the end of 2004 together with the film "return of the tüdelband". Plans are being made to present this exhibition in other towns in Germany and abroad as well. The project is supported by the Hamburg authorities (Senatskanzlei und Kulturbehörde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg).

The story of the "Gebrüder Wolf" is presented on panels (minimum: 32 panels) each of them 140 cm high and 100 cm wide. In addition there are 3 stations to listen to the music and it is possible to organize an evening with lectures and music as well as the presentation of Hip-Hop music by Dan Wolf (see attachment 3). Catalogues, books and a CD are available.

Concept, idea and planning:
Angela Müller/Jens Huckeriede
22765 Hamburg

Tel +49 40 39 69 73
E-Mail: jens.huckeriede@t-online.de

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