Events and Performances: Gebrüder Wolf

"Gebrüder Wolf - An de Eck steiht´n Jung mit´n Tüdelband"
Photo exhibition (English German) Catalogue. (152 pages, German / English, 18,90 €, Hamburg, 2002).

"return of the tüdelband - Die Gebrüder Wolf-Story"
A musical and documentary film by Jens Huckeriede
81:30 Min., 35 mm coloured, Dolby SR, D. 2003.

"return of the tüdelband"
Bands from Hamburg arranged the songs of Gebrüder Wolf, from Rock to Hip-Hop, published by TRIKONT, Munich. Staring Fink, Trainingslager, Bernadette La Hengst and Ja König Ja. Hamburg, 2003.

A Hip-Hop band with Dan Wolf from San Francisco, USA.

A Hip-Hop band from Hamburg. A joint performance with "Felonious" can be arranged.

A theatre play in rap style
By Dan Wolf and Tommy Shepard
Musicians: "Felonious" and others
90 min. version with 14 actors,
60 min. version with 7 actors.

A theatre play by Dan Wolf telling the story of his ancestors and his "return" to Hamburg. Starring: Dan Wolf. (The play will be finished in 2004).

"Die Gebrüder Wolf Story - Die Jungs mit dem Tüdelband"
A literary and musical revue from the "Hamburger Kammerspiele" 2002.
Director: Ulrich Waller, staring Peter Franke und Gerhard Garbers; 120 min.

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